Friday, August 2, 2013

from Sher:

Wow! Just spent July 27 & 28 in Missouri with Project Shimmy taking classes with Fat Chance Belly Dance. To say it was fantastic would be an understatement. Wendy, Sandy, and Kai did tandem teaching and put 60 hours of class work into 10 hours of classes. Yes, it was intense, but very rewarding. Can’t wait for Wednesday and Saturday classes to show the student the new combo. Wish you were there!

Friday, March 29, 2013

One door closes, another opens

Just when we thought things were starting to settle down, we discovered a great opportunity for Troupe Sicorae and 9 Muses Studio. A new space opened up that had many features we had been craving.

The dance floor is a little bit larger -- and there are no obnoxious pillars in the way.
We don't have the extra side rooms, which also means less wasted space. There is still a kitchen area, but we can close that off if we need to.

A dressing area in the back leads to the powder rooms, although they are shared with neighboring tenants -- we don't have to clean them!

All in all it's a grand improvement! (Plus we get to decorate again.)

So we've been busy picking paint colors and examining flooring, trying to imagine how much of our goodies we can comfortably bring in.

We'll be announcing our grand opening soon. Be sure to shimmy on over. In the meantime, classes will continue at our current studio through April.